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Kidneys – more important than you think…

NKFF will host two educational webinars for the month of March to discuss kidney disease and why knowing the risk factors is so important.

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Celebrate March, National Kidney Month

Celebrate March, National Kidney Month For National Kidney Month, Take Five for your Kidneys March is National Kidney Month and the National Kidney Foundation of Florida is calling on all […]

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February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a time of celebration and to give tribute to African American men and women who have made significant contributions to America.  It’s also a time […]

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Changes to eGFR Calculation and What that Means for People Living with Kidney Disease

Having an accurate eGFR result is essential for managing kidney disease (KD). Important decisions like diagnosing KD, determining drug dosing, when to see a kidney doctor, find out eligibility for […]

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NKF Publishes Recommendations to Move Thousands of Patients from Dialysis to Transplant

New York, NY—July 27, 2021—The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) releases today a position paper developed by 16 experts in nephrology and transplantation from 13 institutions that plots a path for research […]

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Position Postings for HealthMap Solutions

Company BackgroundHealthMap Solutions is the future of specialty health management, that focuses on progressive diseases, with a particular expertise in kidney health populations. HealthMap uses clinical big data resources and […]

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