2019 Miami Kidney Walk

On Sunday, March 17th, The National Kidney Foundation of Florida (NKFF) hosted the 2019 Miami Kidney Walk. The walk took place at 10:00am at Doral Central Park, an amazing new and improved venue for the annual Kidney Walk. The “free” walk was a fun and inspiring community fundraiser that’s not just about kidney disease, but about people with kidney disease coming together, united in one cause. The Kidney Walk is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness of kidney disease and funds to support lifesaving programs for patients, their families, and those at risk. More than 700 individuals participated in the 2019 Miami Kidney Walk, which raised more than $105,000!

The Miami Kidney Walk route was like no other. The adventure trail was 2 miles long, surrounded by lush green plants and ecofriendly exotic wildlife. The route also surrounded a beautiful lake, right in the heart of Doral. Participants walked for a great cause and then stayed to barbecueT and enjoy the park with family and friends.

More than 26 million Americans (1 out of 9 adults) have chronic kidney disease, and most are not aware of it. Symptoms may not appear until the kidneys are actually failing. Millions of people with kidney damage remain unaware and are not taking steps to protect the health of their kidneys due to lack of knowledge and education.

The success of the Miami Kidney Walk relies on its sponsors, team captains and participants. It’s a great way to become involved in a worthy cause, raising awareness of kidney disease; building company camaraderie and enjoying a day with family and friends. To become a corporate sponsor or a team captain in 2020, contact Zoe Plasencia at 305.965.8366 or zplasencia@kidneyfla.org. Visit www.miamikidneywalk.org for more information.

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